Dust and stuff.

Well Greetings….

I’m just making a post to say I’m still around and have plans to spiff the place up a bit and hopefully dispel any digital traces of dust lining about the site. In the meantime have a Waynamon(a Digimon) for your amusement.




Hope your having a good summer,



To meet life and live it.

I’ve neglected this site again with life being so busy for me. There are lot of things I’ve surprisingly become responsible for in such a short period of time that I was blown away by it all.  It really has all been a challenge and this site unfortunately fell to the back burner along with my art. Don’t get me wrong I still draw my heart out sketching, I just don’t get to work on full scale projects as much as I would like to.  However I’m hoping to change that soon and another piece of art should be coming up just as soon as I finish touching it up.

Otherwise, I’m going back to my goal of posting once a month, but this time it’s going to be either a blog entry or art. This way I can at least get something up, even if it’s just a sketch drawing.

Best of luck and may you have a nice day,


Art, away!

First off good news and bad news. Good News, I’ve finally got some of my art up for you random people to look at. Bad news, I did not receive the time quantum flux capacitor that I asked for as a Christmas gift and consequently was unable to go back in time to properly poke myself to at least write another blog entry before 2013 faded away. Seeings as that is something that can’t be remedied, until someone gets me that silly time flux capacitor, I’ll just have to continue sticking sticky notes to my forehead every night. However 2013 was a good year and I hope that 2014 will be a year full of excitement and fun times. I’m working on getting more art ready to post so hopefully there will be more added to it soon.

If this is your first time here hello! Don’t feel too shy to pen down a quick message I’ll get around to answering quickly as I enjoy a good chat. Or if chatting just isn’t your thing you can just silently observe this blog from afar. Shenanigans may randomly explode from time to time and debates are always in good fun.

Still waiting for my time machine,


A little bit about myself.

Greetings and welcome to my Hearthside blog.

My name is Debrah and my personal nickname is DaiTigris. I’m an aspiring artist and love creating designs for concepts.  I’ve created this blog not only to platform my art but to be able to share my interests in video games, music, story telling, and animation

As an artist I’ve been working in a variety of different artistic mediums and it’s hard to say that I’ll ever settle on just one medium. There are so many wonderful things out there and they all have a different feel to them. It is really exciting to try out new medium or a different technique as it’ll never be quite the same for each one.  Out of all the differing mediums I’ve worked with I have to say my all out favorites are pen calligraphy drawings, water color, and vector graphics.

At the moment I’m a high school graduate and working as a freelance artist and have been printing my own work. I hope that one day I’ll at least be able to pursue a carrier in illustration or game design.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog, there will be more to come soon.