The Cat

Photo from family photo album.

“Warm kitty, soft kitty, Little ball of fur, Sleepy kitty, happy kitty, Purr! Purr! Purr!”

-Warm Kitty (Nursery song), Lyrics by Edith Newlin.

In Memoriam of The Cat (Tigger).

15 years old,

????, 1999-Friday June 20th, 2014


Sometimes a cat will just adopt you. Strange as that sounds it seems that just like some dogs will follow people home, some cats will just show up on your doorstep and demand to be let in. The Cat was just one of those types, and I can not exasperate how much an influence she has been for all so many things in my life. Though she had a temperamental personality she was also sweet and caring.

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Little Steps, just one at a time.

Planing things out have never been a strong suit for me. It’s something that doesn’t come easily to me and it doesn’t help that I’ve developed some bad habits over the years (such as putting things off and never thinking beyond vague terms) that did not encourage any long term planing. I have been so used to having to do what people told me I should be doing that I rarely took in what I really wanted to do. I knew that I had come to like art but what kind and if there was more to life than drawing art for myself never came across my mind.

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