The Hearthside is a Site I created personally to allow  for greater control over the presentation of my work as an artist.  I began showing my work originally on Deviant Art around the year 2009. At the time it was the coolest thing to me as I showed off my creative works for the first time. But over the years I felt restricted by the general basic setup and layout of the site. I wanted something that I could make personal in every detail  down to the basic concept design and how it was implemented. Not only that but I wanted make a site that would be more opened to others by choosing to focus on art alongside the ideals of good company, conversation, and warm fire to sit by.  Some of these ideas may seem a bit old fashioned but I’ve never been able to make toasted marshmallows quite the same without a fire(except maybe if  a blow torch was involved). The same can be said for my art. I can draw all I want but if I don’t have any good company to share it with then it means very little.

I hope that you the viewer will be able to enjoy my site in the years to come and come find a spot to settle by the Heartside.