Concerning Posting Policies and etiquette

Please read the following before posting a comment.

This is a public blog. Every comment posted will be visible to the public and as such I ask for a  civil manner to be maintained at all times. Also to reflect the general nature of this blog I ask for a G to PG13 atmosphere as it is meant to be a site view-able and appropriate for all ages.

I read and approve all the comments before they are made visible on this blog. I will not approve comments that have crude language, attempt to flame or troll, be rude or spam, or trying to offer third-party services/advertising. While discussion among commentators is encouraged if the discussion devolves into “you’re wrong and I’m right” arguments a warning will be issued. If the conversation continues on the same course despite the intervention I will refuse to approve the comments.

Concerning  my Artwork

My artwork is to not be used without my express permission to be  replicated, sold for financial profit, or uploaded to other sites.  Under no circumstances should my signatures and/or web address be removed from the work. All the art work that appears on this blog is copyrighted by me as of 2016.