About the about page?  Well let’s see what we got here;

Most formulated sites use this as an introductory of sorts to new viewers of the site. Just imagine the site is just waiting to shake your hand and get acquainted with you the moment the page is clicked on. On the other hand I don’t think the universe is ready for fully self conscious internet applications so forget about that last bit. So instead think of it as a well placed welcome mat, with a lot of words on it.  While customary not all sites do add an about page to their home site. In such cases it may be the site views itself strait forward enough for new viewers to quickly grasp and understand the site without any extra explanation.  Though there can be many pages explaining a site they usually boil down to a single(or combination of) the author’s background, history of the site, and the site’s mission. However I think I can write in about the about page in tiny script now that I’ve added that one for no reason in particular.