The Cat

Photo from family photo album.

“Warm kitty, soft kitty, Little ball of fur, Sleepy kitty, happy kitty, Purr! Purr! Purr!”

-Warm Kitty (Nursery song), Lyrics by Edith Newlin.

In Memoriam of The Cat (Tigger).

15 years old,

????, 1999-Friday June 20th, 2014


Sometimes a cat will just adopt you. Strange as that sounds it seems that just like some dogs will follow people home, some cats will just show up on your doorstep and demand to be let in. The Cat was just one of those types, and I can not exasperate how much an influence she has been for all so many things in my life. Though she had a temperamental personality she was also sweet and caring.

Back in the fall of the year 2000, I came home to find the most surprising event at the end of my tiring elementary school day. Mommy was holding a very pretty ‘kitty’. I was so excited and was bursting at the seam with curiosity of where this kitty had come from. My mother proceeds to explain that this cat had shown up on the door step and meowed at the door a couple of times. She had tried to get a good look at her but had no luck. The third time she came to the door my mother opened the door and came in like she owned the place. My parents had in general never been to keen on having any kind of pet for a number of reasons. We didn’t even know if the cat belonged to someone else at the time. It was decided that we should leave her out for the night to see if she might go home. By the time the next morning came around the cat was still there and happy to be let back in. Next we tried putting found ads in our local papers. A few people called but none of them where able to identify her. By time people stopped calling my mother had become well acquainted with the cat and had come to one conclusion, she had a feisty personality that most people wouldn’t be willing to put up with. Because of that she chose on a whim to keep her and named her Tigger.

I have never been accustomed to her given name. While her namesake did fit the mischievous energetic figure of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, it never sat well with me. I thought of a number of personal nicknames to call over time her but none of them seemed to fit her. With lack of a fitting nickname and the dislike of using her given name I simply called her ‘The Cat’ whenever I referred to her. Though unintentionally this became her nickname from me and one that pleasantly fit her personality as there was no other cat in my imagination could conjure being quite like her.

Photographed by DaiTigris, Camera string caught by The Cat.

She was a cat who my mother often took to describing as being feisty: “[N]ot afraid to fight or argue: very lively and aggressive”(“feisty”, Merriam-webster online Dictionary, 2014). She was the kind of cat that if you ever personally caused to suffer an indignation, she would try to get you back for it. However despite this personality trait she was very caring. At a young age I suffered from some very distressing nightmares. I had very little grasp on controlling them and was left at there mercy every time I fell asleep. One time during one of these nightmares it just suddenly dissipated and I remember the whole dream changed into a nice warm and fuzzy place full of color. This sudden unexplainable change confused me and caused me to wake up. What I saw was The Cat jumping off my bed and even under the fog of feeling wakening up from my sleep I figured out that she must have been sleeping next to me. Because of that incident I learned something about dreams; they can change and I can attribute because of that I began taking steps of learning how to use dream control to not allow nightmares to control me. I am naturally a very emotional person and had a hard time growing up around others. I was often seen as odd and teased for it. Whenever I was having a really hard time I would come home and spend time with The Cat. While she normally was only social during the late and early hours she often put up with me seeking her out for her company. In time she and I came to an understanding; if I needed her she would be there and if she needed someone I would be there. From this came our relationship that would last many years of my life as I grew up with her. I fondly remember taking naps with her during hot summer afternoons and keeping her company late nights by her food dish when I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion to keep me company over the years of my life.

Photographed by Katie

With her recent decline  health in last week and having to put her down today, it’s all been really hard for me. She’s given me so much vigor in life. She even helped me with me to reach a new stage as an artist when I was a younger. By drawing her out of curiosity I came understand the dynamic of shapes. I wish I could have given her more as I can barely now even imagine my life with out her. A day without The Cat, I had never dared to even imagine it. All I have now is her memories, I’m glad to have them, and to have had such an amazing individual in my life. I will never forget her, the one and only, The Cat.

The Cat

Last sketch I drew of her a day ago.