Art, away!

First off good news and bad news. Good News, I’ve finally got some of my art up for you random people to look at. Bad news, I did not receive the time quantum flux capacitor that I asked for as a Christmas gift and consequently was unable to go back in time to properly poke myself to at least write another blog entry before 2013 faded away. Seeings as that is something that can’t be remedied, until someone gets me that silly time flux capacitor, I’ll just have to continue sticking sticky notes to my forehead every night. However 2013 was a good year and I hope that 2014 will be a year full of excitement and fun times. I’m working on getting more art ready to post so hopefully there will be more added to it soon.

If this is your first time here hello! Don’t feel too shy to pen down a quick message I’ll get around to answering quickly as I enjoy a good chat. Or if chatting just isn’t your thing you can just silently observe this blog from afar. Shenanigans may randomly explode from time to time and debates are always in good fun.

Still waiting for my time machine,