Little Steps, just one at a time.

Planing things out have never been a strong suit for me. It’s something that doesn’t come easily to me and it doesn’t help that I’ve developed some bad habits over the years (such as putting things off and never thinking beyond vague terms) that did not encourage any long term planing. I have been so used to having to do what people told me I should be doing that I rarely took in what I really wanted to do. I knew that I had come to like art but what kind and if there was more to life than drawing art for myself never came across my mind.

I had never had any clear idea on what the feature would be like for me beyond general public education. If ever I had to write an essay about the feature it would always be vague. It would fit into the general graduate high school, go to collage, get married, have a family.  I stopped to think about those things again and if they honestly where things I wanted. Truthfully they are, but in the way I wrote them at the time they felt faint vague and more like smoke in the imaginary wind. Things in the end never did go the way I had wrote about them after actually graduating high school.

I actually did something out of the ordinary a few years before I graduated. I signed up to take a trip that would go through parts of France to Italy and would take place a few months after I graduated. It was one of the few things outside of half made resolutions that I chose to follow to the end because it was something I truly wanted to do. No one told me you should do this or you have to do this. I chose to simply because I’ve always had a love for traveling and seeing new places.  In the end I think if I hadn’t done that I would have been very unlikely that I would even be setting up this site right now.

Now having a job I’m trying to think a little more about what I’m going to do with the rest of my life. Art in and of itself is wonderful but I think I can do more than just that. Game design has been something I’ve only just put my eyes on within the last year but it includes a variety of skills such as art design, programing design, music, and writing.  It’s something that I do not just have hopes and aspirations for, but I’m taking the steps to make it a reality. I’ve enrolled in collage and now I’m going to start taking math and art classes in preparation for it. Eventually I’m going to take some programing classes and some writing classes so I can have all the basics down for entering this field. I have a love for things made in flash so it’ll be part of the plan to test out a demo and then if it’s something I can work with buy it. Even if I don’t become a game designer( even if it’s not in flash or another preferred platform) I know that all of this skills are in high demand and because I chose to take steps in learn them I’ll be able to do the best that I can with them in whatever field I may end up choosing to divert to.

With this site I plan to get my art up and actively update it. For now I’m planning on getting one post out per month and if that works well I’ll update it to bimonthly posts. I’ll admit that there’s still more to come for my art planing. For a long time I’ve been feting over how to  display it and even more importantly how it should be branded in such a way that would discourage theft and to prevent it for being used in fraudulent money making scams.  I’ve thought about it for a long time and I’ve finally come down to a plan but It will take a lot longer to get everything ready for posting than I originally anticipated. I’m planing to have the art ready to post within the next month and hopefully that will  get everything for the site warped up.

Sometimes taking one small step at time is the beast way to reach the sky and to the dreams that lay beyond them. Even if the first path isn’t the one we end up taking there are many paths to the same or similar destination.

Hope that everyone is doing fine